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Twenty years of working with women worldwide


The International Women's Tribune Centre (IWTC) is an international non-governmental organization set up in response to demands for information and resources from many of the more than 8,000 women who participated in the United Nations International Women's Year (IWY) World Conference and the non-governmental IWY Tribune in Mexico City, 1975. For the last 20 years, IWTC has played an important role as a major information, education, communication, networking, technical assistance and training resource for women worldwide. Today, IWTC continues as a networking and information clearing-house for women throughout the world, with a primary focus on the sharing of information, resources, technical assistance and training on important development issues with some 25,000 women and women's groups in Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin America/Caribbean and the Middle East.


Major activities include:

The Tribune, IWTC's newsletter on women and development issues: Produced in English, Spanish and French, The Tribune is intentionally designed to be adapted, reproduced and translated through the use of short articles, simple language and numerous illustrations. Development issues focused on in recent editions of The Tribune include: Women and Law; Women, Environment and Development; Women and Marketing; Claimng Our Rights; and three special editions that concentrated on plans and preparations for Beijing.

Manuals and Community Action Guides: In collaboration with partner organizations, these are designed to support women's capacity-building efforts worldwide. Productions have included those on proposal-writing and fund-raising, appropriate technology by and for women, marketing and smallbusiness, and the monitoring and implementing of plans of action that have come from UN World Conferences.

Global Faxnet/GlobalNet: Initially launched as a vehicle for sharing information on plans and preparations for the Beijing meetings in 1995, Global Faxnet --and its sister electronic network GlobalNet -- have developed into bi-weekly bulletins on follow-up activities to the Fourth World Conference and NGO Forum on Women. Global Faxnet now reaches 500 "multiplier" groups in more than 88 countries, and GlobalNet reaches tens of thousands on the Internet.

Occasional Bulletins, Conference Calendars and other Resources: In addition to its regular publications, IWTC produces materials on specific subject areas. Recent examples of these include: Preview '95 , a 24-page bulletin produced in the three years prior to Beijing, with the sixth and final edition entitled Postview '95 produced in 1996; Computer NewsNote; Funding NewsNote; Regional Focal Points for Beijing; and Conference Calendars 1, 2 and 3.

Posters, Postcards and Slide/Tape Sets: In the belief that visual materials play an important part in changing peoples perceptions and stereotypes about the roles and responsibilities of women, IWTC produces and disseminates posters and postcards that portray women as strong and purposeful players in development, and slide/tape presentations that speak of the multiple concerns and issues of women, with a focus on the gatherings of women from every world region in Mexico City (1975), Copenhagen (1980), Nairobi (1985) and Beijing (1995).

Technical Assistance and Training: An early leader in workshops on low-cost media production techniques, IWTC has more recently been more involved in the sharing of computer and electronic communication and information skills. Through workshops, one-on-one consultations, electronic networking, and participation in campaigns and seminars, IWTC has shared skills and information around the repackaging of information, desktop publishing and information technologies, small business and marketing strategies, proposal-writing/fund-raising, science, technology and environment issues, public policy and community action, women's human rights and development issues in general.

Women, Ink.: In 1993, IWTC branched out into a new area, that of marketing and disseminating women and development materials from a wide variety of women authors and publishers. With an emphasis on publications produced and published by women in the Global South, Women, Ink. provides "one-stop-shopping" for universities, schools, institutions and individuals who are looking for the best in writings from, for and about women involved in development issues worldwide.

WomanSource: IWTC's resource and documentation centre, WomanSource is a unique collection of materials from around the world on women and development issues. Outreach activities include electronic networking with women's documentation centres worldwide, regular bulletins on recent acquisitions, research, reference and referral services by phone, computer, fax and in one-on-one personal consultations.

Knowing that information, education and communication are key ingredients in ensuring participatory, inclusive, peaceful and sustainable development for all, IWTC collaborates with partner organizations:

  • To increase women's access to information and resources, and to provide communicationlinks for the sharing of information, ideas and resources among individuals and groups working on behalf of women worldwide.
  • To promote women's projects as mainstream development activities rather than as "social" programmes, and to provide technical assistance and training to support these projects wher-ever possible.
  • To link together groups and individuals who are working on similar research, action and/or advocacy activities that are related to the improvement of the status of women, and to strengthen the institutional capabilities of women's groups that are working as advocates of change and deliverers of service to poor rural and urban women.

    IWTC has publications, posters, postcards, available free of charge to groups from the South, and available at cost to groups from the North. Write for more information!


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